The Job:

Custom Stationery Design

The Task:

Design a custom stationery set for Core Design Studio, a design-intensive studio primarily involved with process and delivery of architecture, custom and spec. furniture as well as landscape design.

The Tools:


The Results:

Principal Architect of Core Design Studio, Tomas Ryan’s Testimonial:
“As an architect, I was hesitant to let go and hire someone else to design my Logo and develop my business ID. Being a design professional and searching for a strong but subtle vibe, I knew I would be a tough client. I found GREAT 8 CREATIVE through referral and was pleasantly greeted with someone who listened. Not only did Sarah listen she quickly absorbed what I was trying to convey and used her expertise to translate that into two dimensions. She easily adapted to the need for a team approach. What happened after that was a seemingly effortless collaboration of ideas facilitated by her technical yet intuitive process. I must say that working with Sarah of GREAT 8 CREATIVE was a pleasure from start to finish.”
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