Congrats to all GREAT clients/athletes who competed this weekend! Ryan Weeger, Allison Mann, and James Walsh all raced in the LA Cyclocross Race on Saturday, and Carolyn Smuts pushed through to finish the Long Beach Full Marathon on Sunday (I got to see her come through the finish with other GREAT client, Jennifer Rennie… good times)!

Race Reports & Results

Check out their cross racin’ reports for pictures, video, and more details on the day… always well done:
Ryan Weeger | A nice cool cross race, finally!
Allison Mann | Prancing Deer, Busy Bee – LA CX, CORBA
James Walsh | SCPS #4 – LA Cross Race Report

And Carolyn’s results (although she might kill me for posting them… I just think she killed it and has a lot to be proud of!!):
Carolyn Smuts | 14 out of 212 women in her AG

GREAT job, everyone!!