Post written by Sarah Weeger

The more I think about what I do, the more I love and appreciate it. I don’t know when it started, but I’ve had this phrase in the back of my mind for a while that sums it all up pretty well: Bridging the gap between the jocks and the nerds. Yep, that’s what we do at GREAT 8. And I LOVE it.

Everyday I get to dork around on my computer, working across monitors, debugging code, writing functions, setting up databases, playing with my action figures… ok no, wait, I don’t take it that far. But I’m a nerd, no doubt. And it’s all for the awesome “jocks” I get to work with!

This nerd gets to create something everyday that will improve their brand as an athlete or help their sport-related business grow – bridging that gap through GREAT graphic and web design.

you like that analogy, huh? ;)

GREATness at Krosstoberfest

Anyway, getting to cheer GREAT clients on at their events outside “the office” while meeting other athletes and fans is always like an added bonus to what I do at GREAT 8, and this past weekend I got to do just that. I went to the hubby’s cyclocross race out at Bonelli park where he and a handful of other GREAT athletes raced at SCPS #2 – Krosstoberfest. They ALL did awesome!! So I wanted to take a sec to acknowledge their efforts, earning them their beers, no doubt! Be sure to check out their blog posts for their race reports on the weekend.

Day 1:

Ryan Weeger took 3rd in the cat 3 race (yeah husband!!)
James Walsh finished 3rd in the race and 1st in the cat 1/2 field
Allison Mann grabbed 9th overall in the UCI Elite race
Trevor Glavin‘s first cross race was cut short unfortunately… flatted. bummer!
Slater Fletcher didn’t race this one but filmed and edited a RAD video of the day, featuring the 4 guys:

Day 1 full results here.

Day 2:

Ryan Weeger wrapped up in 6th
James Walsh finished 2nd/5th overall
Allison Mann stuck it out to finish 8th overall in a her 3rd ever cross race
Day 2 full results here.