There are a lot of companies out there with intricate referral programs (and I won’t bother listing examples; we’ve all seen them). There are a lot of designers and creative agencies out there with referral programs as well. And to those freelancers who have successful programs in place: Awesome! We’re happy to hear it.

From GREAT 8 CREATIVE though, you’ll never hear such a pitch. And we’ll tell you why.

The short answer: We don’t believe in buying your satisfaction.

To us, paying you to “refer a friend” to use our graphic and web design services is like winning a spot to the IM World Championships on eBay without ever qualifying for the coveted event; Sure, it still means something to race in Kona but most of what makes it special and authentic was lost, before you even started. When there’s a cash or credit reward being offered, “hiding out” behind your compliments, it automatically devalues them. It’s like giving to others, while expecting something in return, and we don’t like that whole idea so much…

What we do like, is meeting a new client who simply “heard about us from a friend” – a friend who was happy with their GREAT experience. In fact, we don’t just like that. We love and appreciate it like crazy because to us, a genuine referral is the highest compliment we could ever receive. What it says is, the work we did for our GREAT client met their expectations, at minimum, and maybe even exceeded it… enough to make them spread the word about our services to those they care about.

How cool is that?? That is THE very reason we work as we do, and why we should work as hard as we do – to make our clients happy – because that’s the very reason we’re still here in the first place.

Spreading the Good Word

So if we’ve worked together before, and you were happy with the results, we ask that you’ll refer us to a friend because you genuinely think we could help their business grow as well. Because you care enough about that person or company to refer them to GREAT 8, a company you know could help.

No, you won’t get paid a finder’s fee, or get some cheesy piece of flare with our logo all over it in return… but, you’ll be helping someone in need of finding quality, creative help. And we’ll love and appreciate you like crazy for spreading the word, and we’ll give your friend’s project our very best effort!

So Great …ful

A big handful of people have helped us grow The GREAT Community simply through referrals, and we can’t thank you enough!!! We realize we’d be nowhere without you, and we’re forever grateful you spread the word about us when you had the chance. It really is the ultimate compliment of what we do, and we truly couldn’t do it without you. THANK YOU!!!