The world seems to be filling up with photos these days. Let’s face it, between cell phones and point and shoots, there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of pictures of almost anyone or anything you can imagine.

Ted Cote, IM/TMA founder and GREAT 8 partner

That said, it’s important not to confuse the clutter with images that take time, patience, experience, and the ability to find and capture something very special.

Introducing Mick Victor, another member of the IM/TMA team, and a GREAT new friend.

Mick is a Los Angeles area Creative Director working with a wide variety of clients in various media formats to develop advertising, public relations and marketing communications. Often his projects are fully orchestrated media campaigns that start with nothing but a single word or two and an image. That image he feels, is often at the core of whether a piece works or not.

For Victor, those images have worked very well indeed and over the last number of years his devotion to photography has brought us some terrific work. He’s just closed a show of abstracts called “Art Unexpected” and some of those pieces now move to a private collection in Irvine, CA.

From Victor's Downtown LA 7th & Fig Series

But people and faces are very much at the center of Victor’s interests these days and the images that result are stunning. You won’t get them in a department store sitting or from your average family or wedding assignment. They instead seem to reach much deeper and reveal more; whether it’s joy, innocence, charm, intensity, or independence, the emotion and essence is often difficult to decide.

But what most agree is the images almost always bring something so strong and beautiful. Talking to a few individuals who have been photographed you learn their inhibitions and insecurities fell away easily when they realized that opening themselves up to that moment allowed Victor and his camera to discover a part of them others had never found.

Whether you’re looking for someone like Mick to capture that something special for you or not, be sure to visit his website and take a look around. You’re sure to be inspired, at the very very least.