Post written by Sarah Weeger

This month, a pretty awesome thing happened: After several years of consideration, my husband decided to get back into a long-time passion of his: photography. He decided it was time to give it a shot, professionally, and I couldn’t be more excited for him.

Since I’ve known Ryan, he’s always looked at things differently. He’s always had a unique perspective on people, on events, on ideas… on everything! His perspective is one of the many things I love about him, and for a couple obvious reasons: It’s entertaining as hell to see him argue his points with other passionate individuals, and for those of you who know him, I’m sure you can agree. :) I don’t know anyone as passionate as Ryan. But also, it’s refreshing to have someone consistently shed a different light on things, and to offer unique ideas. Ideas that stick. Ideas that you can’t help but remember and appreciate when you do.

Ryan’s photography is an extension of his honest and unique perspective. From what I’ve seen, it has always been a way for him to capture it, and that’s exactly what you see in all his photos.

And no, I’m not just a fan because I’m his wife. :) Here’s one of my favorite shots of his… you be the judge:

The Raven Will Fly

Ryan recently started up a tumblr site, “The Raven Will Fly: everything to do with my re-invigoration with photo and related exploration” where he started posting some old and new photographs he’s taken.

And this week, we got started on creating the identity of his new business.

Ryan Weeger Photography: Logo Design Process

There are a TON of freelance/independent photographers out there and one thing I noticed while researching for Ryan’s logo: Their logos were almost all the same; The majority of them just used a unique font, centered around the photographer’s initials, and that’s it. Now I’m a huge fan of simple and so is Ryan, but we decided early on that his logo would need a much more personal touch if it was to be remembered, especially if it was going to match his unique style… as it should.

That said, below is a storyboard-like recap of the logo design process (hover your mouse over each thumbnail to read about each step!).

Website Coming Soon

So we’ve still got a little work to do, finalizing his logo and identity but we’re close! And next up will be his website, We found a pretty incredible WordPress Portfolio Theme to use as a starting point so it should look pretty sweet by the time we launch.

Again, I couldn’t be more excited for him… and it’s already been a lot of fun to work with my husband on building his new business!!! :)

Be sure to bookmark his new website and check back soon to see it up: