Post written by Sarah Weeger

You’ve heard the story about how we got our name and what we’re here to do. The GREAT 8 Story: It’s the Cliff’s Notes version of what it was like to grow up in the Hudson family, told from my point of view as “the baby” of the fam. You found out more about the specific qualities the Original Great 8 had that inspired our company (if you need a recap of the recap, it’s at the bottom of this page!).

Shaped by Events

So, you know what characteristics shaped GREAT 8 CREATIVE. But there are tons of events that occurred within the Hudson household that probably shaped Great 8 as well.

The other day I was researching some imagery and making some sketches for a GREAT logo design. I was playing with the idea of a monogram for the logo’s graphic, drawing up different ideas and possibilities… trying to combine two simple initials in some way that would truly make a lasting mark on whatever it was going to be placed on. I needed to come up with something that would identity ownership of my client’s craft, more so than their competition.

Initials. A unique combination. Ownership.

It all started with a good Sharpie

Hudson Boys' Lockers Then, halfway through conceptualizing the logo concepts, I recalled one of those events at the Hudson household. I’m sure this event is one that any person who ever grew up in a house with siblings experienced as well, along with anyone who ever had a roommate that liked to “borrow” clothing from time to time: With the best Sharpie marker I could find, marking my initials on every decent pair of socks that I owned, taking passive-aggressive control over my belongings. :)

I took part in this event firsthand. My friends did. My dad did. My whole family did. I especially remember my four brothers trying to implement the holy mark on all their prized possessions – surf tees, shorts, collared shirts, underwear (yes, underwear!), baseball socks, and even their gloves… but they ended up buying a set of lockers for my oldest brother’s bedroom. No joke. It was hilarious to me…

Logos are like Sharpie Markers for Brands

Although the Sharpie method might not have worked out for my brothers, I’ve been fortunate to build on my own “tagging” skills through graphic design.

Now, it’s about creating special marks that take possession of one’s brand, helping a company impress their values, their purpose, and message to their audience, and establishing that ownership. It’s about conveying all these things quickly and directly, minimizing the need for words and lengthy communication. It’s about creating a GREAT Logo Design.

GREAT Logo Concepts

As we’ve been working on a handful of websites for GREAT new clients (lots more to come on this subject!), we’ve picked up some logo work along the way. Below are our three most recent projects, and we’re in the Concept Development phase for each:

Cornerstone Cross-Training

These concepts were designed for Kenny S. Nitta, GREAT client/friend and physical therapist for my knee (if you need any rehab or PT done and you’re in Orange County, Kenny is the MAN!!!!). His company is Cornerstone Cross-Training, “a Private Training and Sports Performance Company based on the fundamentals of movement and wellness.”

Kenny wants the new logo to be a representation of strength, balance, and stability – all things that make up a cornerstone – and also have a classic-modern style. Kenny told me how inspired he is by DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man and other classic pieces of art, and also minimalist design. Hence, the logo type or font being used in these concepts so far.

Ashley Wayne Productions

These concepts were designed for Nicole Lakin, a GREAT new client who I met on the set of Wipeout! Lots more to come on that, too…. :) Nicole’s company is Ashley Wayne Productions, which handles all creative planning, strategy and brand-building experiences for major automotive companies and their events. Stay tuned for their website, to be designed and developed by GREAT 8 CREATIVE.

Ashley was so kind to say she loved the Great 8 Creative logo, and wanted something like it using “AWP” in a clean and simple manner.

Mark Scheurer Architect

Mark Scheurer Architect is a Newport Beach based architecture firm and another GREAT new client. Stay tuned for their website, which is also in development by GREAT 8.

For this concept, I used the frame shape around the Scheurer to keep the emphasis on this word, for one, but also to depict an architect’s plan sheet. The simple and symmetrical shape of this frame with “openings” mixed in to it reminds me of a basic floor plan. And with logos, the stronger the metaphor > the better the chance of people remembering your logo > better chance of remembering you. So that’s the idea behind making MSA’s logo unique.

What Do YOU Think?

So what do you think of these concepts? What do you think makes a GREAT logo??