I confess, these were designed a good 4 months ago. Almost 5, actually. Yep, back in the middle of November… Where the heck has time gone?! And I probably would have procrastinated this post even longer if it wasn’t for a big event coming up next week that Jennifer was a huge part of (more on that later!!) so I wanted to get this post up before then. Finally. :)

Anyway, designing these cards was a pretty quick-and-easy process. Not long after the launch of Jennifer’s website, we both realized the business cards she had could use a new look. One that matched her new website and more importantly, her personality as a trainer.

Side note:

Check out the process behind creating Jennifer’s website. It helps explain the “personality factor” I’m talking about!

Getting Stronger…

… is all about consistency. Right, Jen? :) Well the same goes for graphic design. The more consistent the design, the stronger the company’s brand or message becomes. And with design, stronger means memorable in a competitive market. Consistency = Strength = Memorable. So that was the idea behind Jennifer’s business cards, as it it for all identity designs we create: Keep them consistent, building up that strength.

How We Did It

For the rich purple background, we used the exact same graphic that’s used for her website to make sure it was a perfect match. Same goes for the typography; the font and font colors are the same. We finished off the matching details at the printer, choosing rounded corners for Jennifer’s card instead of the standard rectangle cut you see on most cards. Rounded corners are obviously softer physically, but I think subconsciously too… they just have a warmer, more inviting feel than the hard edges, which was perfect for this case. Plus, they matched her site better! The main menu, image frames, and other little components throughout her site are rounded as well, as you can see in the image below and on her actual site.

So there you have it! 5 months later… but still. :) Check back soon (as in later next week) for the “big event” post!

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