How much will it cost to build my website?

It’s a great, valid question. One we get asked almost daily. And our answer is always the same: It depends.

Every client is different. So every project is different. Every client has a different company, therefore a different goal, and a different need. We’ve never created two websites that were the same, and we never will. Now there are plenty of services out there that offer cookie-cutter design, or a “one size fits all” approach, and for cheap. But, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And with us, you’ll always get a more valuable product. One that’s infinitely tailored to match your needs and no one else’s.

So how much would it cost to build your website? Below are the steps we go through with each and every client to get the answer.

The GREAT Process of Building a Custom Website

  • First up: The [Great 8] Creative Brief. We’ll pick your brain on where your company currently stands, where you want it to stand, and how we can help you get it there. Over coffee if you’re local, over the phone, through emails, or a combination of these… any way we can that works best for you.
  • We’ll take all the information given up to this point to form an estimate for everything. This might include your client questionnaire, or a link to your current site if it’s a redesign project, and all other notes we’ve gathered from you.
  • In the estimate, we’ll list all the specs and give you our best, estimated cost of creating it all – the amount of pages to be built, the type of content to be built (simple text pages, maybe photo galleries, contact forms, etc.).
  • We base this amount on the total hours we think it will take to get the job done, multiplied by our hourly rate.
  • If all looks good to you, we’ll ask for a deposit of 50% of the estimate for everything. We’ll get started as soon as it’s paid.
[infobox]If we decide (together, of course!) that WordPress would be a great fit for developing your site, we’ll start the design process off by researching Premium WordPress themes to use as a starting point. We’ll present you with 3 – 5 themes that we feel are close matches to what your site will have in terms of functionality and capability as well as the overall look and feel. Of those 3 – 5, we’ll ask you to pick your favorite(s). Finally, we will research your top picks further and go with the one that’s best “out of the box”, and start customizations on it …all keeping time and costs down for you, versus starting from scratch.[/infobox]
  • We’ll track our time spent working on your project down to the minute so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. You’ll never pay a mark-up cost. Just for the work we’ve completed and not a penny more.
  • We’ll give you access to your project and our time tracking, so that you can easily monitor how much time is being spent and make sure we are staying within budget along the way.
  • During development you might, of course, decide you want additional pages, extra revisions, or other items added to your site that are outside the original specs. Keep in mind these additions might put us over the original estimate since they weren’t planned for. But we’ll let you know the estimated cost for such additions before we make them, and you can decide whether or not you want to go through with them or maybe hold off until later. :)
  • Rest assured, we’ll track our time accordingly, and you’ll be able to monitor progress every step of the way. So no guessing, no surprises.
  • When development is done, we’ll send you one last invoice for the total amount of work completed. (Hourly Rate) x (Total Time worked) – Your 50% Deposit = Final Invoice. All additional costs (if any) included.
  • We’ll launch as soon as it’s paid.

If you prefer to have complete control over updating your website after it’s launched, no problem. We gladly offer training at an hourly rate as well. Learn as much or as little as you wish – We’ll personally walk you through every step.

Typically, the process of building a custom website here at GREAT 8 CREATIVE starts around $1,500 from start to finish – from researching and outlining pages for our clients to wrapping up development of every little detail just before launch. But, as you can see the final cost just depends on your business’ needs.

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