Today, WordPress released Version 3.2.

And we came across a GREAT blog post this morning about updating your website with this newest version of WordPress – a topic that raises many questions from our WordPress-using clients each time an update is released.

“Should I upgrade my blog to WordPress version __?”
“Is this something you need to do or can I do this myself?”
“Is there something I need to know before I update to the newest version of WordPress?”
“My blog/site works fine. What’s the point of updating?”
“What about my plugins? Some of them say an update is available.”

These are just some of the questions we get asked from our GREAT clients, so we thought we’d share this article with you guys; It’s a great guide in answering a lot of those questions, specifically for this update. So check it out: How to Update to WordPress 3.2: Plugins and Advice

Of course, if you get stuck or have any questions, we’re right here to help, always.