I don’t think we’ve ever written a product review on our blog but this one is more than deserving…

This past week, a few of our clients’ sites were hacked during an outbreak of attacks on WordPress-powered websites. Some of them were even blacklisted by a couple browsers and antivirus programs. And although we make every effort to keep our websites secure, the reality is, it happens. Every website is vulnerable to an extent. Even our own. Sometimes a visitor gets warned of suspected malware on a site, sometimes they get blocked from viewing it completely, depending on how much damage was done…

In any case, it helps to have a service like Sucuri in your corner, like we now do. We researched a ton of options before signing up for their services last week, and we’re so glad we did.

In simple terms, we clean up the mess. If your site gets hacked, blacklisted or infected with malware, we fix it for you. If your site is clean, we monitor it to let you know if a problem ever happens. We work fast, we’re affordable, and we get things done.

– Sucuri.com

Just ask any of the 18,000+ clients worldwide that have used Sucuri’s web monitoring solution – ourselves included; within a couple hours of submitting a ticket, each of our infected clients’ sites were cleaned up completely and are more protected than ever against future attacks.

So if you own a website, PLEASE do yourself a favor and sign up with Sucuri today (you can click their logo below to get started). Trust us, it’s worth every penny of saving yourself the headache and stress of having to save your website from its next major hack!!