It really is a small world.

My brother, Will Hudson, is the founder and master shuffleboard-maker at Hudson Shuffleboards. One of the coolest services they offer is the ability to make completely customized tables. They can put anyone’s logo on any one of their top-quality tables. See some examples of their custom shuffleboards here.

Will is a very busy guy and so is his team. He’s always finding ways to revolutionize the classic game, to think of new and better ways to build his offerings to a new generation of customers, to design and deliver custom shuffleboards for people all around the world – for family game rooms, for bar and restaurant owners, for small businesses, for large companies like Heineken and the UFC.

Between all the stuff we’ve both been busy with, we didn’t get a chance to talk about what I think is the coolest coincidence to have happened this week: Hudson Shuffleboards created a custom table for WordPress and the Automattics! I think their board was actually being delivered on the very same day I attended the 2013 WordCamp Seattle (more to come on this soon). For those that don’t know (like my brother somehow didn’t… Will!) Matt Mullenweg and the Automattics are sort of heroes to me in the web design/dev world. I gushed about Matt and his philosophy in my last post, after I got to meet him back in March.

So, needless to say, I think it’s pretty awesome that my brother and his team just did a board for them. Such a GREAT, small world.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own shuffleboard, definitely head over to to learn more and browse the catalog.