My little sister-in-law, Nikki – or, as we lovingly like to call each other, Sistard :) – is getting married in just a few short weeks! And while thinking of how much fun her and Mike’s wedding is going to be, I thought I would post an honorary recap of the pieces I got to design for her bridal shower last month. From the start, Nikki had lots of notes and ideas that she passed on to the three of us (her MOH Diane, our sister-in-law Heather, and me) which included this:

Really would like to stick with the theme that Diane and I came up with of “Shower the Bride in anything HOT, from sizzling lace to culinary spice” or something like that. I really like cooking, obviously, so people who are uncomfortable buying the traditional lingerie can go the other route…and obviously I’d appreciate either! And it goes with the fiesta/mexican theme too.

And well, I took that and ran with it. Along with her Pinterest board for more inspiration.

I started off with a photo that my super-talented husband, Ryan took during their engagement shoot (below), transformed it into a classic Mexican-styled illustration of Nikki, and then used her portrait and its frame details throughout the other pieces… and it all just evolved around the bride-to-be and her fiesta theme!

Photo by Ryan Weeger Photography

Photo by Ryan Weeger Photography

And the final designs:

Fiesta Bridal Shower - Custom Designs

Can’t wait to celebrate her big day soon. Love you, Nik!