I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions. In fact the only NYR I’ve ever made was 2 years ago: To never wait until New Year’s to make a resolution. But I’m in the mood to make a list of really vague goals for 2014 and it just so happens to still be January. So if these count as resolutions, so be it. Let’s make this a year of exceptions, self!

Most of these are work-related, some are simply life-related, and all of them are pretty personal. Not my typical blog post, I know… but I’m a fan of total transparency, so here goes.

Designing 2014: My feel-good list of reminders

Love more. Complain less. Ask more questions before passing judgement or making assumptions… or better yet, don’t pass or make any at all. Choose love.

Love Ryan even more. Laugh more with him. Every day, show him and tell him how much I love him. Lose more arguments without losing myself.

Stick to a freakin routine in the morning. Decide on my Most Important Task the night before, and do it first thing in the morning. (If we all typically manage to fit “just one more thing” into our every day that either came up unexpectedly or came up because we chose it, then how does it make any sense to leave the one thing we wanted or needed to do, undone? It doesn’t make any sense. But I think this happens when we didn’t strictly plan to do that one thing before we chose to do our “one more”. This happens for me, anyway. So…) Plan it. And do it first-thing in the morning. Every morning!

Take on less. Do more great work. Only take on work that I know 100% I will pour my everything into, and ultimately be proud to put in my portfolio. Do more work that makes an impact, and really helps other people. Even if it means getting turned down more often. Especially if it means getting turned down more because the reality is I will. At least in the beginning.

Hire help for the small things, if needed (things that won’t make it to the portfolio but need to get done). Similarly: Don’t make the same mistakes as last year. Choose to hire help instead of allowing for lower quality and/or slower response times while trying to keep up on my own.

Read more, watch less. Shut down at the end of the day and read actual paper. Before dinner and after. Or work out! Just do something other than sit back down again in front of the monitor.

Quote Ryan more. Write it down, record it… whatever works… Just get it down. :)

Finish at least half of every SkillShare class I take.

Buy a crappy guitar on Craigslist and make it sound good. Take design breaks to play it over going on Facebook or something else.

Learn more code. Codecademy.