I LOVE Pinterest. But I’ve always slightly disliked the user landing page design on Pinterest. You know, the one you see when you click on “Your Profile” with all of your boards (here’s mine for example: www.pinterest.com/sarahweeger). It just always felt so messy to me. Yeah, it’s in a grid but… all those colors! All those thumbnails! Ahhhhh….

Typical Pinterest Clutter

Typical Pinterest Clutter

So every once in a while, I’d spend a few minutes editing my board covers to be the whitest, most minimal-looking pin I could find within that board. And to me, it didn’t look so bad:


But then I just couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to keep settling for what looked to me like a polished turd. :) So, I made my own set of custom Pinterest Cover Board Icons:

Using the Pin It button with my browser, I pinned each image to the board I wanted to use it on, then set it as the cover:


And ta-dahhhhhh!


Feel free to use them for your own Pinterest boards… They’re mostly really generic so they could work for you, too. :)

Happy pinning!