Most of my Logo Design projects go like this:

1. We meet, we chat over the phone (usually), and I gather as much information as I can about your target market, your goals, and ideas and ideas for your brand.
2. I put an estimate together for designing your logo.
/// In most cases, my estimate includes 3 concepts so we’ll go with that for this post.
3. Once I feel I have enough information from you, and the 50% deposit is paid (50% of my total estimate), I get to work drafting concepts.
4. I present you with 3 Black and White concepts. I don’t use color in the beginning to make sure your logo doesn’t rely on color to make it “work,” that it’s a strong enough concept to stand on its own.
5. We and you deliberate, and you choose 1 black and white concept to move forward with.
6. With my help, you decide what you might want to see in the next round(s) of revisions. Maybe a different font, a certain variation in the logomark, etc.
7. We do about 3 rounds of revisions, typically, to your chosen black and white concept, based on your feedback and how we’re doing on timing/budget.
8. Once you’re 100% content with the final black and white concept, I move into color palette options for your new logo and brand.
9. We do 1 or 2 rounds of revisions to the color concept, also based on your feedback.
10. Once your final, color logo is officially done, and once the remaining balance is paid – I’ll send you an invoice at the very end when I have your written approval of the final logo – I deliver your final logo! You get all the color codes of your new palette for web and print, you get all the logo files and different formats (the original design file, JPGs, PDFs, PNGs, etc.) of both the black and white and color logo versions.

And that’s a wrap!

That’s the typical process, although I’m always open to draw up a game plan that fit your needs and budget. So let’s chat.

See A Working ExampleDesigning the Turtle Garage Logo: A Work in Progress