Don’t judge me.

But I quickly designed a little something this morning after I agreed, once again, to watch an entire season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette with my friends. And I did it because last season, our friend Julie made some AWESOME score cards that ended up taking a little more of a commitment from us all than we realized we wanted to make. So, in lieu of having NO games/bets to help pass the time of watching this psychotic show this season, I came up with this: The Lazy Woman’s Bachelorette Bracket. It’s printable, takes minimal time up front (I’m talking 47 seconds, seriously), and even less time as you go each week. And the winner gets booze. That’s it.

I know. It’s perfect.

There’s only ONE rule: Picks must be based on information made available ONLY on the following web page – no clicking on names to read their full bio, no wikipedia-ing, no other research of any kind is allowed – Just materialistically make your picks like the rest of the country does without admitting it :) and hope for the best:

Have fun!!!