The bracket is back. And I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about anything since the last bracket….

Welp, here you go, girls!

I give you the best thing to happen to this show since Oliva’s Mouth: The Lazy Woman’s Bachelor Bracket. You can fill it out on your own time without leaving the house or even having to talk to someone (leave the socializing for girls’ night), and it only takes about about a minute. 3 minutes, tops, if you care a little. That’s it. No further effort needed until the very end of the season when you count up all your points. Which is also FUN!

Remember, the only rule: Your picks must be based ONLY on the contestants’ names, ages, looks, and occupations. No wikipedia-ing, no other research of any kind – Just materialistically make your picks like the rest of the country does without admitting it and you’re done!

Now, here are the Contestants, and here’s a link to download the bracket: