Why the name Great 8 Creative?

Once upon a groovy time in 1970,

a 25-year-old aerospace engineer by the name of Bill Hudson married 22-year-old graduate of nursing school, Eleanor O’Brien. Months after the honeymoon, Bill and Ellie were blessed to find they were going to have their first child, a beautiful daughter they named Kimberly. Kimberly became an older sister when her younger brother, Brian, was born 2 years after she. Kim and Brian were joined by another younger brother, Joseph, about 2 years later. Then came Luke to add to the boys’ team, then the second daughter of the growing Hudson clan, Valerie, came into the world making the score 2 – 3, Boys. Then….. so did William (2 – 4), Elizabeth (3 – 4), and finally, Sarah (4 – 4).

So by 1985, just 15 years after Bill and Ellie got married, they were raising 8 amazing children under the age of 15: Kim, Brian, Joe, Luke, Valerie, Will, Liz, and Sarah. The Great 8.

And, yes, the Hudsons were all born and raised as Catholics. Irish-Catholics. :)

Right: Bill, Ellie, and the Hudson kids visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Florida.

The Great 8. Established in 1985.

…and then it got crazy…

The Hudson house was always chaotic, but somehow Bill and Ellie worked as the ultimate team to keep everyone together. Every single one of their eight children at some point was signed up for a youth sport. And because Bill and Ellie were committed to building a supportive and loving family, every weekend game for every Hudson athlete was shown the support of the other siblings. Whether it was tee ball, Pony League baseball, soccer, volleyball, dance, softball, basketball, or some other team sport that was available, Bill and Ellie’s commitment made it possible for every one of their eight kids to excel in their sport and more importantly, to gain support from the rest of their family along the way.

For years, “the Hudson Clan” grew through athletics and closer together through life itself. Of course, brotherly and sisterly love saw its fair share of challenges; Schedules were completely exhausting at times. Strong, competitive personalities often conflicted. Teenagers were… teenagers. And other non-Brady-Bunch-like characteristics pushed their way through at different times. But fast-forward a few years and you’ve got all of those ups and downs rolled into one stronger, closer, and HUGELY awesome family. A genuinely great and loving family, and one that continues to grow in many ways.

Bill and Ellie, and each Hudson kid at some point in their primary sport:


So what does all this have to do with GREAT 8 CREATIVE?!

I always wanted my career to be a mix of business (in my case, web design and development) with pleasure (all things athletic). And I thought my combined personality of Jock and Nerd was unique. “Put that to USE!” I thought. And so in 2010, I founded GREAT 8 CREATIVE – with my experience as the youngest of the “original GREAT 8” strongly in mind.

My husband, Ryan Weeger, and me in the second picture!… and other random photos of myself competing in different sports throughout my life before pursuing a career in design.

The reason why I decided to call it Great 8 Creative is very personal to me. I’m the youngest of 8 kids and to put it simply, I LOVE my family. I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to have been brought up as “the baby” in a family like mine. For all the positive characteristics I’ve learned from my parents and my siblings, I’ll be forever grateful. So I wanted to take them and use them as the foundation of my own company.

In short, my family is honest. My family is so compassionate. It’s so unique it’s almost weird… but definitely unique in a good way. We’re all extremely driven. And it’s always just flat-out FUN to be around each other. The “Great 8” has grown and will continue to grow for years and years to come, but what’s so awesome about that growth is that all of these characteristics – all of these qualities that add to our family’s backbone – have stayed intact. And they’re exactly what I wanted to bring to the table with my business:


I want to help clients grow their business, no matter what. I’ll be compassionate; I’ll hear them out on their wants and needs and do everything we can to help. And I’ll be honest with my input and guidance, always. Especially when it’s tough.


My understanding of athletes’ mindsets, paired with the ability to design is pretty unique. But it’s exactly I want to offer at GREAT 8 CREATIVE. Our team is anxious to help people by using our unique experience.


It’s just like any other competitive situation I’ve been in; We’ll make our client’s goal our own and work as a team to get there. We will research a game plan, and look at every angle. We’ll stay focused all the way through a project until we get the results our clients wanted. And we’ll think up the next goal when we do to keep getting better, and get even better results.


None of that stiff, big-design-firm vibe here. Humor, personality, good relationships, real conversations… That’s what we expect with every client relationship we’re fortunate to have.

Boiling it all down

Everyday, these characteristics are being poured into our services. Here’s what we do and who we help:
1) Graphic Design for new and small businesses.
2) Web Design + Development for new and small businesses.