The GREAT Community

The GREAT Community

As the first of many posts here at the GREAT 8 CREATIVE | blog, we thought we’d dedicate it to the backbone of this company: Our GREAT clients. GREAT 8 CREATIVE was founded as a means to use art and design to help others grow their businesses in sports-related industries. Although we can’t deny the fact that financial success for us and for our clients is a part of it as well, :) our ultimate goal in doing so is to form what we call The GREAT Community.

The GREAT Community to us is about doing great work for our clients and building a solid network along the way as a result.

We’re not just here to create things. We’re here to cheer on our clients in their workplace (which is often out on the course, racing!) and to celebrate their feats over a beer when they’re done. We’re here to help and to have a great time in the process, building The GREAT Community along the way – a solid network of athletes, trainers, designers, marketing professionals, friends and family, and lots more – making it possible for all of us to connect and ultimately grow.
[title]Meet the GREATS[/title] We are lucky and proud to say we’ve already connected with some amazing clients to help start the process of building this community. Here they are (in no particular order!):

Ryan Weeger

Who he is: Amateur Mountain Bike and Cyclocross racer
What we did: Ryan’s Blog Site and Custom Header Design
Where to find him: Read Ryan’s blog and follow him on Twitter.

Allison Mann

Who she is: The “Pro Mountain Biker with a day job”
What we did: Allison’s Blog Site and Custom Header Design
Where to find her: Read Allison’s blog and follow her on Twitter.

Trevor Glavin

Who he is: Pro Xterra Athlete and the Director of U.S. Operations of Skinfit, a clothing company that offers “Uncompromising functionality and comfort” for an active lifestyle
What we did: Skinfit USA’s Custom Web Design and Development and Custom Identity Designs
Where to find him: Read Trevor’s blog, follow him on Twitter, shop the Skinfit USA website, or read the Skinfit USA blog.

James Walsh

Who he is: Xterra World Champion (30-34), Mountain Bike and Cyclocross racer
What we did: James’ Blog Site and Custom Header Design
Where to find him: Read James’ blog and follow him on Twitter.

Jennifer Rennie

Who she is: (pictured, fourth from right) Personal Trainer and Instructor of the “Lift Weights to Lose Weight” class, taught at the Recreation Center in Fountain Valley, CA.
What we did: Lift To Lose Logo Design
Where to find her: Visit the Lift To Lose Facebook Page and become a fan!

Evan Lawrence

Who he is: Cycling enthusiast, founder of MN Surf Co. (Stand Up Paddle Surfing) and 53×11 Coffee (Coffee for Cyclists, by Cyclists)
What we did: 53×11 Coffee’s Custom Identity Design and Custom Website Design, and MN Surf Co.’s Custom Logo Design and Custom Web Design and Development
Where to find him: Visit and shop the 53×11 Coffee Website and MN Surf Co. Website.
[title]Coming soon to the GREAT Client List[/title]

Slater Fletcher

Who he is: Xterra Western Regional Champion (30-34), Endurance Mountain Biker and Multi-sport Athlete
What we’re doing: Slater’s Blog Site and Custom Header Design
Where to find him: Read Slater’s blog and follow him on Twitter.

Carolyn Smuts

Who she is: (pictured, on right) Boston Marathoner and founder of Carolyn A. Smuts Writing and Editing Services
What we’re doing: Carolyn’s Custom Website Design
Where to find her: Stay tuned for the launch of Carolyn’s Website.
[title]Become Part of the GREAT Community[/title] Do YOU want to become part of The GREAT Community and gain more support and exposure? Get in touch today – Let’s see how we can work together to help you or your business grow!

Here and There

We’ve been busier than ever these last few months, thanks to the GREAT referrals by our clients, friends and family!!! And naturally, as we get closer to finishing several bigger projects (stay tuned for their GREAT launches!), the blog has suffered some neglect. poor blog. So here’s a quick post of some of the projects we’ve worked on in the meantime… most for work, some for play:

Be sure to check out Sheri’s talented portfolio at and to get the best deal you’ll find on a quality shuffleboard – and before their holiday sale ends!!

Lots more coming VERY soon. :)