A Personal Project in Video Editing: My Dad’s 70th Birthday Tribute


Last month, my amazing dad turned 70 years old. And for those of you who don’t know him or our family, my dad (pictured below, in the middle with my mom) is the incredible father to all eight of us kids and “Pop Pop” to all his grandchildren. hudson-family-portrait-2014-1-med

Our family wanted to do something special for his birthday as a surprise to him – a video tribute of some sort – and I volunteered to put it together through editing. As long as everyone else sent me the photos and videos we would include. :) Sounded simple enough.

NOTE: If you just want to watch the video, scroll down… It’s at the bottom of this post.

Welp, as a total rookie to the art of videography, I learned a lot in the process to say the least. And since this is a design blog… I thought I’d share my 8 biggest take-aways from a creative standpoint, for anyone who might be interested in getting their feet wet with video.

8 Things To Know about Video Editing, from One Amateur to Another

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