Tatiana Vertiz is a Realtor for Snell Real Estate, a luxury real estate company in Cabo San Lucas. She also happens to be a 2x Ironman World Champion. Two-time! That’s a crazy achievement.

So when Tatiana told me she wanted a website that would appeal to her network of athletes/triathletes, while being all about luxury real estate, I knew it wasn’t going to be your typical realtor’s website. :) And I was pretty excited about that.

Given the touristy/international nature of her clients, we narrowed down Tatiana’s target audience to 3 groups of people:

  1. Buyers
  2. Sellers
  3. Tourists

…designing everything with them in mind.

Design the site to be like an extension of the Snell Real Estate brand (same colors, similar structure) to help make the association between Tatiana and Snell, but with Tatiana’s own twist on it.

Tatiana Vertiz:

Sarah came recommended by a good friend, when I asked him for someone who really cared about the person behind the website.

From the first email exchange and call, I believed Sarah would bring my vision to life and I’m thrilled to say she did all that and more. Sarah asked all the right questions and challenged me to think about the intention behind everything I was trying to portray. By listening, understanding, and using her own creative genius, Sarah built a website that reflects exactly who I am and the audience I want to capture. I never would’ve done this on my own, and she was a joy to work with. Everything was timely and the process was fun and easy.

Thanks Sarah!


Behind the Scenes: Adding a New Listing

This is a video tutorial I put together for Tatiana’s Website Training (as a reference for her when she does it on her own) that shows how to add a new listing. This is exactly how each one was added to her site before we launched it!