Melia Perrizo Physical Therapy Website

The Client:
Melia Perrizo

What They Offer:
Physical Therapy to treat injuries, Pilates and Women’s Health PT for mothers, and holistic care.

What They Needed:
New Website

The Story
Melia Perrizo is a mother and physical therapist practicing in San Clemente, CA. She has a personal understanding of and an extensive background in women’s health issues that can occur after childbirth. After opening her practice, Melia needed a website to communicate her understanding and services with potential patients.

Because Melia’s background and education are so comprehensive, we needed to make sure we weren’t overwhelming those who have never met her with information on what she can offer. So we catered to the different groups of people who may be visiting her website – those interested in pilates, wellness, women’s health, or physical therapy – by providing a web page for each group, then presenting all the different symptoms Melia could help them treat on each page.

Style-wise, because Melia’s patients are often coming to her stressed and in pain, I took a calming approach designing the look-and-feel of her site. An androgynous and minimal color palette, and photos throughout her site showing successful results of her work, help potential patients feel the sense of calm and happiness they achieve with Melia’s help.

"When I needed a website for my business I was overwhelmed by the idea of it and the time commitment I would need to put into building and supplying content for it. But once I was referred to Sarah at Great 8 Creative and began our phone conversations I was simply put at ease. She is upfront and easy to communicate with. Her questions by phone and email really help direct the vision of your website. She is polished and has a great system in place that is effective in showcasing your business. Sarah wants to get to know you and your business personally so she can reflect all of that on your website. And she did a superior job capturing what I felt was important for my business and making my visions come to life on my website. I would highly recommend her again and again."

– Melia Perrizo, Physical Therapist and Owner, Melia Perrizo Physical Therapy

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