Turtle Garage Website

The Client:
Turtle Garage

What They Offer:
A content-rich, weekly publication about vintage cars and motorcycles

What They Needed:
New Brand Identity, Website Redesign

The Story
Author and car collector Philip Richter outgrew the design of his blog website and needed something more professional as his audience started growing. Philip had learned a bit about WordPress each week he published, but not enough to handle a major upgrade and redesign himself in a way that would make the kind of visual impact he was looking for.

So, we started with his brand identity, crafting a unique logo, color palette, and general set of brand guidelines to set the stage for everything else. Once Philip’s brand identity was created, we tackled his website, making the most of the content Philip had already written while creating room for major subscriber growth and potential revenue.

Today, TurtleGarage.com welcomes a steady growth of subscribers, advertisers, and a range of multimedia content, with an e-commerce extension in the works.

Read more about this project in Philip’s own words.

Before the Redesign

Browse through screenshots of the original website, which lacked a brand identity and a professional look-and-feel.

Now, view the new site

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