Updated 3/2/2015
Below is something we consider a little golden egg of knowledge. Every link was hand-selected as a resource we found for a client in need, or through one of our favorite design and development blogs. As long as we’re helping others to grow their business, this list will be growing, too. So check back any time you have questions, need some direction, or want to learn new tips for GREAT web design and development. It’s all here. Enjoy!

Getting Started

Registering a domain, choosing your web host, and our recommended providers

First things first: Every website needs a domain and a host. Your domain, or the URL of your website (www.example.com) is like the address of a house. You might already have an address, but you still need somewhere to actually store everything that will go in your house… somewhere to hold its foundation. Hence, your hosting.


“…a huge list of resources which I’ve found useful or believe will be useful for others, from users creating their very first WordPress blog to developers digging further into WordPress to get more form it, and everyone in between.”

Maintenance and SEO

Upgrading WordPress; Backing-up Your Site; Recommended Plugins; Security Tips; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress; Social Media.

Stock Content

Some of our favorite places to find the content your website needs. Stock photography, videos, themes, and more.

The sites we visit most for free and premium Stock Photography:

  • iStock Photo Although most images on this site are not free, iStock photo offers the best selection of stock photography on the web. Save time searching through thousands of other websites (or Google images!) for the perfect photo; Chances are iStockphoto.com has what you need at a very affordable price.
  • EveryStockPhoto Free photography available
  • FreeRange Stock Free
  • Creative Commons / CC Search Free


Having a website is just the beginning. Below are some tips on how to market your site and get more traffic (check out the Maintenance and SEO section above… SEO can definitely be a form of marketing).

Writing Tips

Tips and Resources on blogging and writing effective content with your WordPress blog.


Beyond the Basics: Tips and techniques for Intermediate or “Power Users” of WordPress, including code snippets, theme customizations, and new developments.

There are a couple of blogs we regularly follow to stay sharp in WordPress. We could never keep up with a list of useful links from them here, so definitely check them out (subscribe to them!), and start to round up your own favorites. Our personal favorites include:


Worth a read.
IN THE WORKS: Other topics we often discuss with clients, including our Terms & Agreement and our Creative Process.

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